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Day 3 [03.18.20]

Greetings, and thanks for stopping by!

It's crazy days. This is my first "shelter-in-place". Has that phrase ever been used before? I was down in Santa Cruz the last few days, now back home in Oakland. Did a grocery run this afternoon. Whole Foods wasn't out of everything, but was definitely out of a lot of things. No pasta sauce, only a couple weird corn cereals, no cans of sparkling water, no TP of course, no tuna. Honestly though, I was amazed how much food they still had. Plenty to get and feel stocked up. I'll have to make another trip out at some point for some of those missing items.

Many gigs canceled, no ALO Seattle/Portland, no ALO East Coast. Bummed to miss out on those shows, but safety first, I get it. The quicker we all stop this thing from spreading, the safer we will all be. Had some other local gigs cancel. No shifts to be had at the Indy. The shop I've been consigning records at is closed, though I beg to differ vinyl not being an essential item of survival. When we re-open, I invite everyone to come down, I should have lots of fresh vinyl ready to debut. It'll be a grand re-opening. Five & Dime Vintage on Piedmont Ave., there ya go.

So home time it is. I got some ideas. A forced stay-cation may actually be just what the doctor ordered. I got organizing to do, music to record, dreams to audition. I do most of my posting on Facebook and Instagram, feel free to follow me there. But I probably should explore what else I can do here with this site. Stop by again sometime, maybe there will be some new features and portals next time ya visit.

Take care of each other, take care of yourselves. Be safe and hang in there! Love, Steve

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