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Happy Spring everyone, post-pandemic! Is it over? It it ever over? Is anything ever over?

Well, it feels like we're outta the thick of it at least. Stuff is open again, shows and fests seem to be back to full swing. Let the roaring 20's begin, again!

What's new? Well, not much/a lot! But to keep things simple and easy, here are a few bullet points.

• New ALO album dropped, March 3rd. It's called Silver Saturdays and we've been touring it since Tour d'Amour with plans continuing through the Summer and Fall. The album is awesome I believe, nice balance of band collaboration, including our "new guy" Ezra Lipp on drums. Check it out on streaming platforms, and if you'd like a copy on Vinyl or CD, you can order it through the website ORRR... make a visit to Mars Records in Oakland. I got copies!

• More new music not mentioned here before. (My last homepage entry was Sept 2020, yikes!) My buddy Ezra Lipp released his own record about a year ago now. I got to play some on it, as did many other friends and relatives, of Ezra. Give it spin! Also, coming very soon is another release by Go By Ocean, which I got to play and sing on a bit.

• As for gigs, always lots on the table, debatably too much? I love it all, it's a curse! Been doing my best to balance ALO of course with a few Big Light shows still here and there (now a New Orleans-SF band!), Greg Loiacono Band (aka, Stingray), and then all the loose pick-ups around the Bay Area - bands w/ Tea Leaf Green dudes, Reed Mathis, Chris Haugen, Danny Luehring's Grateful Dead jams out at the Papermill in West Marin, etc etc.

For real time updates, always best to follow the socials - Facebook & Instagram. And that includes all the lastest on my record shop I opened in Nov 2020, Mars Records. Follow the links!

Thanks for stopping by, stay in touch, and see ya out there in the world! ♥ Steve


Quick Links: ALO | Greg Loiacono | Big Light | Go By Ocean