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ALO  Sounds Like This
ALO "Sounds Like This" (2012)
Brushfire Records
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Recorded at Mission Bells in SF CA, produced by ALO & DSB.

Brushfire Record's This Warm December Vol.2
"This Warm December: A Brushfire Holiday Vol.2" (2011)
Brushfire Records
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Featured on ALO's "Let It Ride", with Lebo on lead vocals.

John Craigie  October is the Kindest Month
John Craigie "October is the Kindest Month" (2011)
John Craigie Music
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Recorded in Martinez, CA, just north of San Francisco. We did most of the record in under a week, just John, drummer Randy Schwartz, engineer Cian Riordan and myself. Additional guests and overdubs were added later. I got to play a bunch of different basses which was fun - my upright, my acoustic Martin, my '74 p-bass, my newer Squier p-bass, and my solid-body Epiphone violin bass. I also sang and clapped a little too. This was a super fun record to make, John has a real easy-going, sincere way of being, which comes perfectly through in his music.

Nicki Bluhm  Driftwood
Nicki Bluhm "Driftwood" (2011)
Little Knickers Records
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Recorded at Mission Bells in SF CA, produced by Tim Bluhm & Dave Simon-Baker. Featured on "Carousel", "Women's Prison" and "Barbary Blues".

Big Light  Animals In Bloom
Big Light "Animals In Bloom" (2010)
reapandsow music
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Recorded at Coyote Hearing in Oakland CA, produced by Big Light & Jeremy Black.

ALO  Man Of The World
ALO "Man Of The World" (2010)
Brushfire Records
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Recorded at Mango Tree in Oahu HI, produced by ALO & Jack Johnson.

Brushfire Record's This Warm December Vol.1
"This Warm December: A Brushfire Holiday Vol.1" (2009)
Brushfire Records
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A great Holiday compilation featuring Jack Johnson, G.Love, Matt Costa and the rest of the Brushfire family! ALO contributed an original called "Christmas Time", recorded by ALO at Zach's very own Creativity Lounge in Santa Barbara, CA. We kept the track old school groovy, adding layers of lapsteel, keyboards, backup vocals and of course, a few jingle bells. The outro jam also features an impromptu spoken word by Zach's daughter Jaden, where she shares a few of her favorite things about the Holiday Season.

Jeconte  Sweet Northern California
Jeconte "Sweet Nothern California" (2009)
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Recorded by Mike Sugar (Jambay) at the Sugar Shack! Featured on "Downtown Brown" and "Run To The Sea".

Billy Schafer  First to Believe
Billy Schafer "First to Believe" (2009)
Billy Schafer Music
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Playing upright & electric bass, recorded by Mike Winger at Broken Radio in SF, CA.

Tistrya  Seremplicity
Tistrya "Seremplicity" (2008)
Tistrya Grace
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Featured on "The Way I Like To Be", "Nervous Hands", "Inspiration Song" and "Creeping Thoughts". Tistrya came over and we ran through these four tunes in one night. I remember being pretty sick, but we just powered through. I think she may have even brought me a netty pot? Or somehow I ended up with one that week. I was pleased I was able to pull off the engineering duties myself. Tistyra took a pretty do-it-yourself approach on this record in general it seemed, and got some great players on board to help out. As a result, I think she made a pretty nice debut album! You can hear the excitement and fun in it.

Big Light  Eponymous EP
Big Light "Eponymous EP" (2008)
reapandsow music
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Featured on "Hard Knocks" and "Separation Anxiety".

Tim Bluhm  House of Bluhm
Tim Bluhm "House of Bluhm" (2008)
Little Sur Recordings
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Featured on "You Can't Dive In".

Nicki Bluhm  Toby's Song
Nicki Bluhm "Toby's Song" (2008)
Little Knickers Records
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Featured on "Love, Home & Me", "Down The Beach" and "Danny's Song".

Surf Stronger Vol. 2
DVD "Surf Stronger Vol. 2" (2008)
Golden Coast Productions
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An original soundtrack by the Surf Stronger House Band: Tim Bluhm, Steve Adams, Adam Topol, Dan Lebowitz & Jackie Greene.

Zach Gill  Zach Gill's Stuff
Zach Gill "Zach Gill's Stuff" (2008)
Brushfire Records
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Featured on "Back In The Day", "Bettina", "Handy Man", "Poseidon's Navel", "Beautiful Reason" and "Fine Wine".

Forest Sun  So Nice

Forest Sun  Harlequin Goodnight
Forest Sun "So Nice" & "Harlequin Goodnight" (2008)
Painted Sun Records
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Forest called me up in early '07 and told me he had another album ready to go, maybe even two! He wanted to get me and Michael Messer back together for basic tracks. We picked a week in April and met up at a tiny studio in the Mission in SF, the office to producer Michael Winger. We burned through most of the basics for "So Nice" in 2-3 days. On a roll, we decided to keep going and finished the same for "Harlequin Goodnight" in just a couple more days. Forest has the incredible ability to keep things relaxed and fun, while also turning songs at rapid speed. The reward: We get a lot in a short time and usually capture very focused musical moments.

I brought both electric and acoustic basses down for this session. My Martin Acoustic Bass Guitar became a great tool when we'd take breaks up on the roof of the studio. We'd hike up the stairwell with our guitars, take in some air and snacks, and work out arrangements for the next tunes to be tracked. I liked how the Martin sounded so much that we ended up tracking it on a handful of tunes, including one of my Forest favorites "Be Kind". I favored my Cremona Upright and my '74 Fender Precision for most of the tunes, but also pulled out my 70's Kalamazoo for the New Orleans-y "I Like It".

ALO  Roses & Clover
ALO "Roses & Clover" (2007)
Brushfire Records
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After a couple years of touring Fly Between Falls, we felt more ready than ever to record again. We hunkered down in an old barn in the Santa Barbara hills for about 3 weeks in November, and spent each day massaging this fresh batch tunes, most of which had never been played live.

Like FBF, I played my '74 Fender Precision Bass on most of the record. I also used my 70's Kalamazoo on "Try", "Bubble" and "Water". One of my fav's is "Shine", which came from a microcassette-recorded basement jam.

Endless Highway  A Tribute to The Band
Compilation "Endless Highway: A Tribute to The Band" (2007)
429 Records
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Featured on "I Shall Be Released" (w/ Jack Johnson & ALO) and "Ophelia" (ALO).

Surf Stronger Vol. 1
DVD "Surf Stronger Vol. 1" (2006)
Golden Coast Productions
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Featured on "Asteroid 6051" (ALO), "Walls of Jericho" (ALO) and "Junipero Dusk" (Tim Bluhm). Also credited for Music Direction, as I helped the SS Team select a lot of the music used for the DVD.

Brushfire Records Soundtrack  A Brokedown Melody
Brushfire Records Soundtrack "A Brokedown Melody" (2006)
Brushfire Records
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Featured on the soundtrack single, "Let It Be Sung" (w/ Jack Johnson, Matt Costa, Zach Gill and Dan Lebowitz).

It was a night in Berlin during our Europe Tour. Jack called us together for a hotel room jam and some beers. We messed around for a bit, and I think subconsciously inspired by the nautical ambiance of the hotel room among other things, we eventually landed on this tune. We tracked a few rough versions on acoustic instruments and hotel room furniture that night, which is what you hear in the intro. Once back home, Jack layed down the basics and sent them out for the rest of us to overdub our parts. Dan and I tracked my '74 Fender Precision Bass and some lapsteel at his house, then IM'd the files over to Hawaii. I believe some of the vocals may have been done the same way. Props to Jack for pulling it together. I think it turned out pretty sweet.

ALO  Fly Between Falls
ALO "Fly Between Falls" (2006)
Brushfire Records
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Co-founded by me and my hometown buddies Zach Gill and Dan Lebowitz, ALO solidified its current line-up in 2002 with former college bandmate Dave Brogan, and went into the studio between the fall seasons of 2003 & 2004 to record this debut release for Brushfire Records.

I play my '74 Fender Precision Bass on most of the record. I also brought my Cremona Upright into the mix on "Spectrum" and parts of "The Gardener", my signature track people say, which I also sing lead on.

The Court & Spark  Hearts
The Court & Spark "Hearts" (2006)
Absolutely Kosher Records
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I've become a huge fan of The Court & Spark, and their creative writing and laid-back, self-produced approach. It's been inspiring to watch them morph over the years. This is the second record of their's I've played upright bass on. They introduced me to Danny Thompson (Pentangle) leading up to the session, and Danny's playing has since become a great reference for me whenever recording upright. I play my Cremona Upright on the bossa-tinged "We Were All Uptown Rulers" and the exotic instrumental "The Oyster Is A Wealthy Beast".

Michael Talbott & The Wolfkings  Freeze, Die, Live
Michael Talbott & The Wolfkings "Freeze, Die, Live" (2006)
Antenna Farm Records
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Playing my Cremona Upright on "Winter Streets" and "Angel of Light".

Jack Johnson & Friends  A Weekend At The Greek
DVD "Jack Johnson & Friends: A Weekend At The Greek" (2005)
Brushfire Records
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Featured on "Girl, I Wanna Lay You Down" and "Walls of Jericho" (ALO).

Forest Sun  Walk Through Walls
Forest Sun "Walk Through Walls" (2005)
Painted Sun Records
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One of the fastest and most enjoyable sessions I've ever done. We tracked everything in one weekend in a Mill Valley cabin on a mobile rig. I did the bass-with-drum tracks iso'd in a tiny bathroom in the middle of the house. And the string band tracks were all recorded live in the living room. A host of musicians came and went all weekend, while the core band barely left the lot! I love the spacious reggae groove on "Weep and Wail" and the layers of bowed strings on "That Kind of Blue". I played my Cremona Upright throughout.

The Court & Spark  Witch Season
The Court & Spark "Witch Season" (2004)
Absolutely Kosher Records
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Playing my Cremona Upright on "Steeplechasing".

Samantha Stollenwerck  Square One
Samantha Stollenwerck "Square One" (2004)
In The Pocket Productions
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Featured on most of the record, except the 2 tracks featuring the Galactic rhythm section ("Don't Ya Know" and "The Party Life").

Jack Johnson  Thicker Than Water
DVD "Thicker Than Water" (2003)
Brushfire Records
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Featured in the Bonus Chapters on "Sandbar" (w/ Jack Johnson, Zach Gill and Dan Lebowitz). Recorded at The Mango Tree in Hawaii.

ALO  Time Expander
ALO "Time Expander EP" (2002)
Lagmusic Records
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Matt Butler  Good Options
Matt Butler "Good Options" (2001)
Creation Nation Records
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Philboyd Studge  Eponymous
Philboyd Studge "Eponymous" (2000)
Irate Records
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ALO  One Size Fits All
ALO "One Size Fits All: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack" (1999)
Lagmusic Records & Powers Philms
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The Animal Liberation Orchestra & The Free Range Horns vs. LAG
ALO "ALO vs. LAG" (1998)
Lagmusic Records
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