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Hello Spring [05.28.18]

It's Spring, almost Summer even. What's happening? It's getting warmer again, that's nice. It's music festival season. (Just got home from a fun one out in Nicasio, how beautiful West Marin was this weekend!) Election primaries. California is up in a couple weeks. NBA finals are just about here, which is fun, especially if the Dubs win tomorrow! And yes, it is the Spring when we come out of our caves and charge up. It's the warm-up to Summer, the fun season. Plans are taking shape. We want this to be the best Summer ever, right? The best year, that's the goal. I hope whoever reads this has an epic launch into mid-2018, I truly do.

So the latest for me. There are some ALO shows on the books. Mostly California action, per usual. But stay tuned for some shows outside of our home state, coming soon! (Fall East Coast perhaps?) Nicki Bluhm & The Gramblers are still in resting mode, but kudos to Nicki for making a solo album that will be out June 2nd. Nicki's also taking her new music on the road. Be sure to catch her in a town near you. I can't wait for the SF show in just a couple weeks.

Magic In The Other, ever heard of them? That's my new band. A trio led by drummer/singer/songwriter Ezra Lipp backed wholeheartedly by myself on bass and an incredible Oakland guitar player, Roger Reidlbaur. We started the band last year, booked some shows, got tight(er), raised money for an album, made the album, and now it's coming out! We're hoping for a September drop. The band is sweet, and I have to say, I'm proud of the strides we've made in just a year's time. And I also think our debut album is gonna make a splash. Which body of water, and how much splash - we'll see! But get ready for a canonball, of the pool vibes flavor. Catch us at High Sierra this fourth of July weekend in Quincy, CA. We'll be there all weekend in many shapes and forms. And check out the band website (link below) for all shows and news, etc.

In between the bands, if you're in the Bay Area, you cen definitely catch me at Terrapin Crossroads in San Rafael often. It's where the real jams happen. And I also have been slingin' vinyl records at a cool new shop in Rockridge (Oakland) called Open Mind Music. Drop in for a looksy! I try to be there at least once a week. I love records. If you didn't know, now you do!

Alrighty. Enjoy the Spring, rock the Summer. Stay in touch and see ya around! Steve

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